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Best in class

The professional liability sector is evolving at a fast pace, making it challenging for providers to respond and stay updated. 

Insurance Business America’s 5-Star winners in 2023 have all displayed an ability to remain in step with the industry’s needs while still consistently delivering for their broker partners. 

The successful cohort was rated and judged on:

  • relationships with brokers

  • ability to handle claims

  • underwriting expertise

  • strength of the individual products they provide

“There’s a lot of wholesalers, retailers out there and we don’t think that we could be as effective if we attempt to do business with every single producer in the marketplace”
Daniel MogelnickiTokio Marine HCC

Commercial liability driven by people

At 5-Star winner Tokio Marine HCC, there’s a concerted policy of pulling in the same direction. 

Daniel Mogelnicki, senior vice president – underwriting, explains. “The first and biggest part of that is making sure that everyone understands where we are now and where we are headed.” 

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