One complaint accuses Macy’s Inc. of discriminating against White men. Another levels that allegation against BlackRock Inc.

A third points a finger at, of all things, NASCAR – a largely White sport where Confederate flags were prevalent until they were banned in 2020.

Those three legal actions, and some 20 more like them, have one person in common: Stephen Miller.

Miller, the architect of anti-immigration policies under former President Donald Trump, is emerging as a key figure in preparing a hardline conservative agenda in the event Trump returns to the White House.

And Miller is clear: Now that the US Supreme Court has rejected affirmative action at the nation’s colleges, he’s bent on eradicating diversity initiatives in American business as well.

“We are going to completely transform the legal architecture in this country,” Miller says.

No company or workplace will be left untouched, he vows. Racial-bias training, inc

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